Token reserved for transaction

Burn 47%

Will burn manually for every increment of holder


Marketing & Dev 6%

Token used for marketing and developing expenses



To support the ecosystem development, each of the transaction of buy and sell will be taxed as followed: Reflection/auto stacking to give reward for holders, 2% each transaction. 6% is allocated for buyback and burn. The team will buy back the token then burn it to the burn address. The team always gives updates whenever do the buyback and burn activities. 4% is allocated for marketing, to support OragonX in youtube, instagram, twitter and other media. · * always use 13% - 20% slippage to ensure buy and sell activities run smoothly.


Reward to Holder 2%

Transaction fee for reward to holder

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How Does OragonX Work?

OragonX is an innovative Binance Smart Chain token that is designed for maximizing profits in the NFT gaming generation.

OragonX token works by applying 13% fee to each transaction & instantly splitting 2% back to holders, 6% buyback and 4% for marketing.

There is no team or central party that has to award the fees.

There will be no inflation because of fix supply and ecosystem will grow organicly.

There is no interface to claim the fees.

Just hold your OragonX token in your wallet and wait for the moon.

Road Map

OragonX Token Road Map

Q3 - 2021
  • Whitepaper
  • Gradually Burn Token
  • Guerilla Marketing Campaign
Q4 - 2021
  • Website Update
  • Game Beta Test Launching
  • Marketplace Launching
  • Cex listing
  • Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap Listing
  • Update Roadmap for 2022

Q3 - 2021

Q4 - 2021


The Whitepaper OragonX

oragon whitepaper

OragonX is a project managed by USA and Indonesia team, developing worldwide NFT platform and game.
Read our whitepaper document to know clearly about our project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is OragonX Safe?

Yes, Indeed we are 100% safe, certified from Solidify

How Do I Buy OragonX?

Use Trust Wallet or Metamask, open pancakeswap from DApp of your wallet, and then import OragonX's smart contract : 0x88c676fc777c225b69869aeef5d10535de1e4f5d

Error When Buy or Sell on PancakeSwap?

Set minimum 10% slippage, when the traffic so high you can increase it to ~12%

Missing your Question?

You can ask more and more detailed question on telegram group provided in the link above.